Thursday, January 19, 2012

doodle da'wah

something that i've found on facebook..

so cute, creative, attractive and full of message..
in term of da'wah..

actually, i've try to create doodles..
but, till today i can't do it yet..
practice make perfect rite??
inshaAllah..i will do it again and again..

here is the examples of doodles da'wah..

credit to :: the owner

yup..exactly !

female version from the same owner...

i like this one..
"little bit POYO"

statement from ustaz azhar idrus !

"we are the ambassadors of ISLAM"
proud to be MUSLIM....

the beauty of Islam!

don't be sad..
Allah is always with us...>,<

examples of doodles :: 

tak semua org mampu create doodles yg bagus..
yg penuh message..
even doodles tuu tk laa chantek mane pon,,
but we look at their message..
if bende baek,,y not kite tolak kan??

peringatan buat diriku yg sering alpa dan lupa..


shadhira said...


myra abdullah said...

waaah sgt sweet laa..
setiapnye mmpunyai msj berbeza
indahnya ISLAM =D