Monday, July 23, 2012


Let's Speak Better English !
Astro has launched 'Oh My English!', which aims to help Malaysians improve their spoken English.
'Oh My English!' is an educational comedy which aims to make viewers laugh and learn conversational English at the same time.

It airs every Sunday at 10am on Astro TVIQ Channel 610.

Set in the fictional SMK Ayer Dalam, 'Oh My English!' follows teh adventures of Kelas 3 Merah students, who are notorious for their mischief-making and poor academic results.
Dashing new English teacher Henry Middleton soon arrives at the school from UK to take on the challenge of teaching this rowdy bunch.

The cast includes actress and singer Adibah Noor, comedians Harun Salim Bachik and Mr. Os, as well as Zain Saidin who plays Middleton.

In addition, 'Oh My English!' also features rising young stars such as Izara Aishah, Addy Ashraf, as well as siblings Ahmad Ezzrin and Nurul Ezlisa Loy, Along with Mohd Zhafir Muzani, Kaameshaa Ravindran, Amer Shariff, Tan Teong Sik and Muhammad Akhmal Mohamad Nazri.

Mr. Henry Middleton

Jibam ! iloikeeee ~




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Go to to learn more about the show or learn English through games and other activities.

Dalam cuti nyh,, grab the change untuk improve English wif the fun way!

Even I yg daa masuk u nii pon still banyak kene belajar.. c:

Selamat Menonton !

p/s:: nak tweet2 masuk tv pon bolee ~